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Polish Percussion Workshop Gdansk 2017

Gdansk the free city full of lions. A very special beautiful city and a very special percussion festival. In October 2017 Piotr Sutt invited again to the “Polish percussion workshop – Gdansk”.

Together with Fredrik Engdahl, Luc Goos, Walter Mertens, Mariusz Mocarski, Adam Tkaczyk, Radowslaw Szarek, Piotr Sutt and last but not least John H. Beck we teached, inspired and shared our percussion art.

John I met before many times, Luc and Walter I was happy to meet the second time now, Radek I met the last time in 2003. We both participated at the second Drums-Open-Competiotion (now the Italy Percussion Competition) he won the first – I did second. It was a great pleasure to meet again after 14 years. Meeting all this great other artists made me experience very much inspiration.

I like to name a few impressions I had:

The passion of the teaching of Fredrik Engdahl, the creativity of the compositions of Luc Goos and Walter Mertens, the virtuosity of Radowslaw Szarek, the groove of Mariusz Mocarski and Adam Tkaczyk and last but not least the legendary strength and love of percussion from John H. Beck!

You may imagine: we had a great time!

Masterclass Francesca Santangelo – Polish Percussion Workshop Gdansk

The students have been particularly amazing as well as all the teachers, who came to that event. In this seven lessons I gave there it was not boring at any time. The students had an incredible amount of curiosity, the have been very kind, very well educated and so thirsty for knowledge. Thanks to all the participants, it was great to work with you!

Masterclass Francesca Santangelo – Polish Percussion Workshop Gdansk

Masterclass – Francesca Santangelo – Polish Percussion Workshop Gdansk

Teacher talk – Polish Percussion Workshop Gdansk

David Alaime from Bergerault made the long trip from France to listen to my solo concert at the first evening. I am really happy that he has been there and I am really happy for this great support of Bergerault. Our cooperation is now already nine years old!


Toucher by Vinko Globokar – Performed by Francesca Santangelo

Dance-of-the-knights-Eric-Sammut- performed by Francesca Santangelo

Last but not least it was a big honour to perform the “more or less” world-premiere of “mani volanti – flying hands” from John H. Beck with Piotr and Bartek Sutt and John himself. More or less world-premiere because it was the first time John performed it live on stage.

Mani-Volanti- John H.Beck

Once again I have been fortunate: Once more I had the chance to share my knowledge, art and passion for music!

Thank you.

Francesca Santangelo


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  1. Walter Mertens 8. December 2017

    Indeed it was a great time with inspiring masterclasses and concerts and a meeting point to old and new percussion friends. It was a fantastic organization and great participants.

    • Francesca Santangelo 16. January 2018

      Dear Walter, I totally agree. It was a great pleasure to meet you and spend time in that beautiful city. I am looking forward to meet you again soon.

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