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Who are we? Why are we here?

Who are we? Why are we here?
Questions that these days, certainly not only me, are increasingly coming to mind.

A billion people are “isolated”. Many are sick. And an infinite number are taking back their freedom for others without revolt. Renouncing things that are otherwise “the most important”. Yes, we can show solidarity.

that’s pretty amazingly touching if one thinks about it.

Suddenly people are seen who otherwise work in silence, who are not on stage – now and then – like us artists – people who normally don’t get applause: shop assistants, paramedics, nurses, cleaners,… all those who always make sure that food and health is available for us (privileged & wealthy) people.

I hope that this solidarity will grow – especially through this crisis. Solidarity on a small and large scale must be the motto!

We are responsible. Despite the current situation of all the current fears and limitations, most of those who are reading this are very privileged.

Perhaps we will continue to grow together? Worldwide? I do not know.
But I do believe that we are here and we can do at least a little something.

I am writing this especially to all my artist colleagues, the young drum and percussion students, the professors: As artists we are responsible for more than just beautiful sounds.

We also have a voice.

In these and all the coming days: Let us work together – for a better life together – not just for a few privileged people.

In hope and with best regards

Francesca Santangelo

(pictures & collage by Ben Sebastian Kunstleben)

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