Francesca Santangelo

rhythm and inspiration


All is about inspiration.

When I started - I was inspired.

Every teacher, I met, inspired me.

When I perform I inspire - and people do inspire me.

Inspiration is the breath of music & art.

Vic Firth: "That is what music is about: listen, play, inspire, love"

I had the precious chance to access diverse sources of inspiration so far in my career.

I had the chance to start studying percussion already in my childhood with my father, who became my first percussion professor. Afterwards I studied with Jasmin Kollberg, Marta Klimasara, Klaus Tresselt, Bernhard Wulff, Taijiro Miyazaki, Pascal Pons.

I feel very much obliged to have experienced so many different cultural, technical, conceptual and last but not least human approaches to the world of percussion.

Very important inspirations of mine come from the cooperation with the many international artists I worked with during the Days of Percussion Italy and the Italy Percussion Competition, as well as having been the translator of countless Masterclasses. Sometimes this rich variety of educational treasures is still overwhelming for me.

Another very profound resource of inspiration comes from traveling - I have been invited by many festivals and have toured around the world. Every journey changes my point of view. Learning more about other perspectives and concepts is absolutely enriching.

And last but not least: My students - working with them inspires me every week.

...this is why:

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