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Stories about a “kingdom of music” and a magic mirrow in Gdanks.


Masterclasses without fairytales – about music, snare drumming and mallets.

The program of this percussion workshop in Gdanks is at a very high educative level. Please take a look at the program, the other invited artists and join if you are arround

My topic may sound like a joke – but it is real serious.

I am going to figure out that all of our effords may be useful to create this beautiful “kingdom of music”.

All the teaching is going to be adapted to the audience and the experience level the students have,

Technique is something we need to create that – it is a tool to built it up. We need it to make music. It serves us – we do not have to serve it.

Therefore the snare drum is our perfect magic mirrow. All of our abilities are visibile on that instrument. I am going to point out how we can work with that.

And last but not least we are going to take a look at the idea of musical-storytelling. I am going to show you my approach to the componists works I am going to perform at the concert, in which I am going to present my new solo program: “facets of rhythm and drums“.

We are able to create wonderful images – even on a snare. We are able to do profound storytelling.

I am going to share my ideas about how to find an authentic approach to that. We are going to deal with the idea whether one important border we have to cross to do that – is us?

Bring your questions with you! I am looking forward to meet you there!

I am absolutly looking forward to this percussive-days in Gdanks from the 25-27 October 2017. For more info please contact Piotr Sutt.


Thanks toBergerault-Logo for supporting that event.



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