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5th Cello Suite on Marimba | A story about

A year ago I gave a master class in Portugal at the

Academia de Música de Espinho.

I told the story of “my Bach”, because one student had so much respect for the piece that it almost completely blocked him. Oh, it was unpleasant for him.

But this shame is completely unnecessary!
The other day I watched a documentary in which Lang Lang told his long journey with Bach very honestly.
But back to that masterclass: I told him that I felt the same way – I hadn’t played Bach in public for over a decade. Because Bach is so shrouded in legend, so symbolically charged, so often and differently discussed.
We who have been classically trained are in danger of forgetting what it is all about. When we are young we seek and love music, then we start to seek perfection, we formalise, optimise and sometimes lose love and curiosity along the way.
Personally, I am happy that I have now “released” the Cello Suite.
With many kind regards to the great students of Rui Rodrigues,

This is only feasible in this form and quality if you work with people who also have a broad understanding of music – a feeling for the space it needs! A performance does not take place in a vacuum. It can only become real through stage, light, acoustics and audience. I consider myself lucky to be able to realise such projects together with my husband, who has accompanied me also conceptually for many years now. I don’t have to write that I am very grateful for this – I am.
Among other things, I am writing this text because I announced to the students that I might play “my Bach” for them at my second master class, which was to take place this year.

With many kind regards to the great students of

Rui Rodrigues , Joaquim Alves, Eduardo Cardinho from Esphino, whom I would have loved to meet again this year!
Here’s to music & inspiration! Best regards and best wishes for 2021!
Here you go:

The video is produced
by Ben Kunstleben Storyfacturing Video, Photography & Web

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