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decision to do more video recording …

After a long break I decided to record some more videos to share my knowledge and art with the people arround the world also on that way.

It really takes a lot of time to plan and make such things happen. The more happy I am, that we made it.

We recorded the first in the artist workshop of Manuela Geugelin. A very inspiring atmosphere. The idea behind that is to perform art in a context of art. A heartfelt thanks for that! Please take a look at her work here: Manuela Geugelin website.

I believe it is very important to get inspiration from other artists, art and circumstances in general. In every occasion, which suits, I encourage students to think out of the box and to get a glance of the “big picture”.

A bongo stand is very useful… to get a glance 😉

I do teach myself this very often – live makes our focus sometimes so narrow… .

So, also out of that motivation, we recorded that session in november 2018. We hope to publish the new video now in febuary 2019.

Here are some impressions as a little preview:

Behind the scenes - recording Santangelo

Francesca Santangelo – my Bergerault GMBH – Marimba

Francesca Santangelo Video Session November 2018

Video Session November 2018 – the script!

Video Session November 2018 – some gear.


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